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Live2Lead Ottawa

Veronica Farmer
TrueCourse Communications

Live2Lead Ottawa

David King
D. King Drywall

Live2Lead Ottawa

Kassondra Walterson
West Ottawa Board of Trade

Mark Nesbitt Training and Consulting

Mark has been a great asset to Peter Knippel Garden Centre this year. Mark has great energy and has helped us focus and realize that our greatest resource is our staff. Mark’s training will help bring your team closer together and stronger. Mark will make sure you follow through on what you say you are going to do. He is a great person to talk to, he really cares and wants to make sure you are successful! Mark has helped me become a better owner, husband, father, coach and friend.

Kennedy Johnston
Peter Knippel Garden Centre

Leadership Seminar at Fowler

Fowler Construction had a great learning and growing experience through Mark’s leadership seminars. He has provided comprehensive and practical food for thought, and has shown us that we can reach higher and greatly benefit from the results.

Moreen Miller | President
Fowler Construction

“We’ve had Mark come in and train our staff and managers a couple of times now and we always get more out of it than we expect. Mark’s unique experiences and knowledge of the construction industry give him the ability to make his training relevant to my employees.”

BEI March 31, 2015 Session

  • It’s not too complicated, very easy to understand – attendee
  • The individual stories about real life examples –attendee
  • The material was applicable to our company and the industry we are working in-attendee
  • The facilitator was construction based, so he knew how to relate to our company-attendee
  • Facilitator was well trained- attendee


CRS - Contractors Rental Supply January 30, 2015 Session

  • Simple and to the point-Attendee
  • Straight forward & interactive –Attendee
  • How Mark got everyone interacting with one and other, very informative – Attendee

Live2Lead Ottawa

Mark Vermeer
Jiffy Photo & Print, Air Cadets

Live2Lead Ottawa

Martha Walsh
Landscape Ontario

Live2Lead Ottawa

Mark Watson
Contractors Rental Supply

Fowler Construction May 1, 2015 Session

  • Facilitators knowledge and exuberance was excellent - Attendee
  • The Presenter very approachable and nice to see “Grass Roots” Background with tons of experience – Attendee
  • Facilitator worked in the same industry. Could really make a connection. Great real life examples – Attendee
  • Great presentation, good mix with videos and live talking, discussions-relative to our field – Attendee


Fowler Construction March 4, 2015 Session

  • Mark’s stories that hit so close to home – Attendee
  • The fact that the speaker had worked in are industry and had been a hands on person, not someone with no knowledge of what we go through –Attendee
  • Speaker very knowledgeable, speakers background could relate to us – Attendee
  • I enjoyed the whole program but most of all realizing that there is quite a bit to being a leader and that “I’m not doing it”- Attendee
  • I enjoyed the fact this made me think about things I did not realize and the fact that I can use this in everyday life, not just at work – Attendee
  • The presentation it self was great and I feel I can go out tomorrow and start making changes – Attendee
  • Instructors familiarity with the type of work we are into as well as others – Attendee
  • How I could relate to the instructor with his construction background –Attendee

TPS Group July 4, 2104 Session

  • “Class” involvement soul searching, eye opening and life changing.

Many things from here on out will change for me – Attendee

  • The presentation of the program was very good, the method of delivery was very enjoyable – Attendee
  • A lot of personal experiences discussed, Subject matter was significant to my life and occupation – Attendee
  • Relates not only to business but also to personal life – Attendee
  • Watched our team pull together more than they ever were – Attendee
  • Presentation / Material / Participation

Sharing thoughts and information with the group - Attendee

Live2Lead Ottawa

Carine Taylor
Travel Professionals International

Live2Lead Ottawa

Janine Kivell
Henderson Security Solutions

Live2Lead Ottawa

Angie Maquette
Contractors Rental Supply

I've attended many leadership conferences; this was by far the best. Marks passion for training employees combined with his real life examples hit home with everyone in the audience."

Thank you to Mark for sharing with our team good business and personal practices

Deborah Mohr-Caldwell
Director, Goldie Mohr Ltd.

Pioneer Construction April 23, 2015 Session

  • Total program was very good - facilitator very good- Attendee
  • A personalized feel, instructor felt out what was important to Pioneer and catered to our need –Attendee
  • Material was relevant to our industry & current to present day operations –Attendee
  • How Mark uses scenarios that pertain to the construction industry –Attendee
  • The presenters ability to make it relevant to our companies current situation –Attendee
  • How I can change – Attendee
  • New ways, new ideas on how to improve working together as a team to achieve the goal to help benefit the company – Attendee

Malmberg February 11, 2015 Session

  • Valuable material- Attendee
  • Taking the time to do what we don’t do but should, it’s critical to success in business – work on yourself before/more than your job – Attendee
  • Informative- local reference /association, careful explanation to help digest content – Attendee