An independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell TeamAs a construction business consultant  and a thirty-year veteran in the aggregate, mining, trucking, and construction industry, Mark has fostered a passion for helping people develop as they strive to grow themselves.  Throughout his career he has been committed to further improving his leadership skills through research and attending leadership seminars and training sessions.

Mark has been fortunate to attend numerous Leadership/Supervisor-training events over the years, although he has always recognized a common missing piece in these programs. Most programs lack the ability to identify with the instructor, as many do not have sound background knowledge on the industry. The mining and construction industry is composed of individuals from a variety of unique backgrounds, Mark is able to accommodate all of those involved.

Fifteen years ago, Mark was first introduced to a John Maxwell at a simulcast event. This event was introducing the book “Developing the Leader Within You”, from this point on he became motivated to not only grow himself as a leader, but as well as growing those whom he works with. It was John’s relatable leadership principles that inspired Mark to become an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker for the John Maxwell Team.

Mark has worked with a variety of companies across Ontario as construction business consultant and trainer, all of which have received great benefit from his sessions. The main advantage with the programs Mark and his team provide, is the ability to share his 30 years of experience with his participants. Most industries today are in desperate need of people that can better their company,and Mark can help show you how to attract and retain the best people for your business.

Let’s work together to develop your team and to give them the opportunity to shine. Everybody wants to be a member on a professional winning team, so let’s make your team a winner!